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The following list of sites are used by VCSA departments to improve the efficiency of their internal business processes, information management, and communication.  To obtain access to a site, please contact that department.

You MUST have a VCSANET password for access; please click Create Password.

  African Student Programs   http://staff.africansp.ucr.edu
  AVC Dean of Students   http://staff.deanofstudents.ucr.edu
  AVC Enrollment Management   http://staff.avcem.ucr.edu
  Campus Health Center   http://staff.campushealth.ucr.edu
  Career Services Center   http://staff.careers.ucr.edu
  Early Academic Outreach Program   http://staff.eaop.ucr.edu
  EM Systems   http://staff.emsystems.ucr.edu
  Financial Aid   http://staff.finaid.ucr.edu
  International Education Services   http://staff.iec.ucr.edu
  International Scholar Services   http://staff.internationalscholars.ucr.edu
  Office of Trio Programs   http://staff.trio.ucr.edu
  Registrar   http://staff.registrar.ucr.edu
  Student Affairs Communications   http://staff.sac.ucr.edu
  Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs   http://staff.conduct.ucr.edu
  Student Life   http://staff.studentlife.ucr.edu
  Student Special Services   http://staff.specialservices.ucr.edu
  UCR Card Office   http://staff.ucrcard.ucr.edu
  Undergraduate Admissions   http://staff.admissions.ucr.edu
  Undergraduate Recruitment   http://staff.ugrecruitment.ucr.edu
  University HUB (Commons)   http://staff.hub.ucr.edu
  VCSA Central Office   http://staff.vcsa.ucr.edu
  VCSA Technology Services   http://staff.vcsait.ucr.edu