VCSA Department Collaboration Sites - First Time User Instructions
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Please read these instructions completely before proceeding.  (For an online demo, click:  Demo)
  Before you can use a VCSA Collaboration site, you must create a password.
Click on the "Change password" link on the left and you will be presented with the Campus CAS login screen.

Example CAS login window:

  Enter your UCR NetID and password into the Campus CAS login screen and click the "Login" button.
f you have trouble using the campus CAS login, contact the UCR-Tel Coordinator for your department.) 
You will now be presented with the "VCSANET Password Management Tool" window.

Example VCSANET Password Management Tool window:

  Enter the password you wish to use, enter it once again, and click the "submit" button.
Congratulations!  You have just created your VCSA Portal password. 
Remember, you can change it as often as you'd like so if you ever forget it, just repeat these instructions.

Now when you go to any VCSA Portal site you can login with your newly created password.
To login, enter "vcsanet\" followed by your UCR NetID in the User name field and your newly created password in the Password field.

Example VCSANET login window: