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How do I create my VCSANET password?
  Please click Create Password and follow the instructions.

Once I've created my VCSANET password, how do I access a Collaboration site?
  Browse to the Collaboration site that you wish to access.  When presented with the login window, enter "vcsanet\" followed by your NetID (example:  vcsanet\rickn) in the "User name" field and enter your VCSANET password in the "Password" field and then click "OK."

Example login window:

What is VCSANET?
  VCSANET is a defined group of computers that share user and security information.  Each Collaboration site is a part of VCSANET.  Access to VCSANET Web sites is granted only to VCSA Staff and requires the use of a VCSANET account.  A VCSANET account consists of a user name and password. 

What is my VCSANET user name and password? 
Your VCSANET user name is your UCR NetID, but you must create your own VCSANET password.
   Use the Change password link to create (or change) your VCSANET password.

   If you have trouble using the campus CAS login, contact the UCR-Tel Coordinator for your department.

What if I forgot my VCSANET password?
  You can change your password anytime and as often as you'd like by using the "Change password" link.
  In order to create or change your VCSANET password, you must be able to login to CAS
  If you have trouble with the CAS login, then contact the UCR-Tel Coordinator for your department.

Where can I find more information on how to use my collaboration site?
  These sites use Microsoft's SharePoint product.  Some handy Microsoft references are:
       - See and hear a demo of a SharePoint site
       - Getting started:  Take a tour of a SharePoint site
       - Introducing the features of a SharePoint site